West Calhoun Treasures Award

The West Calhoun Treasure Award is an award that is presented by the West Calhoun Neighborhood Council to people that have contributed to the neighborhood in extraordinary ways. Recipients of this award go above and beyond. They demonstrate passion, determination and dedication to the well being and success of Minneapolis and the West Calhoun Neighborhood.

The West Calhoun Neighborhood Council developed the Calhoun Treasure program to recognize individuals or businesses that improve the quality of life for the residents of West Calhoun.
Any business or person can be nominated for efforts benefiting our neighborhood. Please contact the West Calhoun Coordinator with your recommendations at westcalhouncoordinator@gmail.com. Please include the nominee’s name, contact information and why you believe this business or person is qualified to receive this award.
Calhoun Treasures receive their awards at Movie Night.
The recipients of the 2015 West Calhoun Treasurers Award were treated to a crowd of over 250 residents at the West Calhoun Movie Night.

2017 Recipient – Kathy Cobb – For her many years of service to the board. A true neighborhood treasure!

2016 Recipient – David Rhees – For his many years of leadership of the board and his role as director of the Bakken Museum. A neighborhood treasure and treasure to the science and education communities!

2015 Recipient – Barbara Flanagan – Minneapolis newspaper columnist for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune beginning in the 1940s, author and city promoter. She wrote about “interesting personalities and colorful events. She also used the column as a “constant and effective crusade for city beautification and for the preservation of historic buildings.” If you enjoy any of the city’s sidewalk cafe’s – thank Barbara. After a trip to Europe, she brought the idea back to Minneapolis. She is a true Minneapolis Treasure!


2015 Recipient –  George Xu
George is the owner of Wakame Sushi and Asian Bistro. Located in Calhoun Commons, this restaurant has been a welcome addition to the neighborhood and owner George was a gracious and humble recipient, a true neighborhood Treasure!george

Sunrises on Lake Calhoun

In the West Calhoun Neighborhood, we are lucky to have Craig Neil. His sunrise and sometimes sunset photos of our beautiful Lake Calhoun remind us why we live in the best Minneapolis neighborhood.

At times the gorgeous photos are accompanied by a poem. Other times the sunrise photos speak for themselves. Craig will post his early morning photos on our Facebook page, West Calhoun Neighborhood Council.

You may also follow his photos on his Facebook page, Good Morning from Lake Calhoun FB page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1512058329083540