Southwest Light-Rail Transit Project

A large, diverse group of stakeholders, most of whom have property or business interests immediately surrounding the station, have been meeting regularly since late 2010.  Through these discussions the group has developed a mutual understanding of the range of perspectives represented, and jointly developed this set of shared comments.

The group includes:  Brad Pfaff (Calhoun Village), Jack Pfaff (Calhoun Village), Kelly Doran (Doran Companies), Dan Blackburn (Whole Foods Market), Tryg Truelsen (Tryg’s), Paul Setter (MGM Liquors), Terry Maglich (MGM Liquors), Thatcher Imboden (Ackerberg Group), Tim Springer (Midtown Greenway Coalition), Colleen Dreher (Lakes CItihomes), Larry McMillen (Lakes Citihomes), Ed Bell (CIDNA), Art Higinbotham (CIDNA), Ryan Fox (CIDNA), Steve Goltry (CIDNA), Ed Ferlauto (CIDNA), Jeff Peltola (WCNC), Meg Forney (WCNC), Michael Wagner (WCNC), Kathy Cobb (WCNC), Seth Doorn (WCNC), David Rhees (WCNC), Gary Knutson (WCNC).

Kenwood-Isles, Cedar-Isles-Dean, Lowry Hill and West Calhoun neighborhood Boards of Directors have agreed on these Joint Goals for SWLRT Design and Mitigation

  • Maintenance of current healthy, stable, livable communities.
  • Safety and enjoyment of parkland and trails for recreational users and bicycle commuters.
  • Protection of vital urban green space and wildlife habitat.
  • Maintenance or creation of traffic patterns that would ease congestion and enhance neighborhood livability.

In sum, our Minneapolis neighborhood associations have confidence that SWLRT can have a positive impact in our communities if it is well designed and respects the above stated goals.  Designers and engineers will face diverse challenges at the most southerly section of the SWLRT line in Minneapolis.  They will need to enhance West Calhoun’s commercial growth and recreational center with a station area that builds strong, visible and safe connections to the commercial community as well as the Chain of Lakes and the historic MPRB Grand Rounds.

SW LRT Corridor Coalition

The neighborhoods in the Minneapolis Corridor, from north to south, are North Loop, Harrison, Bryn Mawr, Lowry Hill, Cedar Isles-Dean, West Calhoun, and Cedar Lake Park Association for Cedar Lake Park and Trails.  So far the coalition is just in the idea/talking stage. The coalition would be a loose affiliation. The projected goals of the coalition are:

  • Create unified voice of Minneapolis Corridor neighborhoods thus increasing our strength.
  • Create a unifying identity of the Minneapolis Corridor.
  • Support each neighborhood having a strong say in the design of the rail line itself and the station in its neighborhood.
  • Assure designs of the rail line and stations enhance neighborhoods and minimize negative effects through appropriate mitigation.
  • Move the results of Cedar Lake Park Association’s design charrette forward.
    Expand the design charrette experience to the other parts of the Minnesota corridor in an effort to creatively enhance currently proposed designs.
  • Seek funds to help underwrite the above efforts to enhance the designs of the SW LRT line and station in the Minneapolis Corridor.
  • Come up with a more notable name for the whole line, similar to the Hiawatha Line, Central Corridor Line and the Bottineau Line.

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