West Calhoun Neighborhood Council

Lake Calhoun Renaming Petition Survey Results

With just under 30 residents weighing in, most were not in favor of a name change, but if is going to change, prefer Lake Maka Ska. Because there wasn’t a large amount of participation, the board decided to take to no action and will allow the process to continue as it is. The County Board voted in favor of Bde Maka Ska, and will forward their recommendation to the DNR.

Our next neighborhood council meeting

Tuesday, December 12th
6:00pm • Bakken Museum

West Calhoun Neighborhood

West Calhoun map
We represent the residents and organizations that reside within these boundaries. Anyone in our neighborhood is consider a “member” automatically is invited to participate at meetings, join committees, attend events, and get involved!

Until the 1880s, much of the land around Lake Calhoun was swamp land. Despite its terrain, the lake became a popular resort area in the 1870s, as city residents sought out a place to get away from the city. Over the course of the next century, the city of Minneapolis invested in a major effort to build up the land surrounding the lake and bring more homes and businesses to the area. Today, nearly all of the parks, beaches and boulevards in this area were built atop man-made land.

In 1898, the Minikahda Club was established in the now West Calhoun neighborhood. The club’s name is a combination of two Sioux words, which combined mean “by the side of the water.”